Durante's Calligraphy Styles is mentioned in the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of The Knot!

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Thank you for doing such a great job on Sarah and Jason's little place cards and of course the envelopes you did for My bride this summer and her mother, literally cried they were so beautiful. That is very impressive. I will always refer my brides to you without hesitation.

Best, Sue
Wedding florist and planner
858 586 0423

Dear Tina,

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into our calligraphy. The envelopes looked stunning! I had many comments from my clients on how beautiful their invitation was. I really enjoyed working with you, and greatly appreciated your time and attention to detail. You have an amazing gift!

Take Care!

Brianna Brunecz
Sales Representative
The Knot/The Nest (Wedding Magazine)


Hello and Welcome to Calligraphy by Durante!

As an artist I specialize in the fine art of beautiful penmanship as it was written more than a century ago, expressing the elegance of this fine art from pen to paper.

Specializing in Engrosser's Script (also known as Copperplate, English Round Hand, or Engraver's Script), Ornamental Spencerian, Business, and Modified Italian Scripts.

Engrosser's Script is not regular handwriting. It is a slow process, as one engraves ink onto paper. A script, that is extremely popular and gracefully formal. It is composed entirely of a combination of shaded letters and fine hairlines.

Ornamental Spencerian consists of large ornate, shaded and hairline Capitals and simple flowing small letters.

Scripts can be elegantly plain and may be embellished elaborately with ornate endings. They can bring a plain word to life and feast of divine beauty to the alphabet.

Both Scripts are Elegant, Graceful, and Divinely Romantic. Historically this fine art flourished during the Victorian and Romantic Eras.

"An Engrosser was at one time described in the dictionary as an artist that embellishes, such as done by the monks of old."

The fine art of beautiful penmanship is a valuable part of Americana today. The Golden Age of Penmanship in America began in the mid 1800's to the 1920's. Platt Rogers Spencer (1800 - 1864) is known as the Father of Penmanship in America. As quoted by Master Penman and Professor G. A. Gaskell, a friend and student of Mr. Spencer's, "He thoroughly was in love with the art he taught, he never failed to impress upon his pupils its importance and its beauties."

Years ago the profession of a Master Penman was highly honored and of great nobility.

During the Victorian and Romantic Eras, America developed penmanship as an elegant and graceful fine art.

Member of The International Association of Master Penman *Engrossers* and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH)

Member of the San Diego Fellow Calligraphers (SDFC)

Certificate in Engrosser's Script from
Master Penman William Lilly