About the Artist and Calligrapher
Tina Marie Durante

I have always been interested in art as early as kindergarten. My first portrait was of a famous President, when I was five years of age. I have studied instructional courses by Master Penmen that have achieved an exceptional level of excellence in penmanship and the calligraphic arts of this century. My teacher of Engrosser's Script and honored to say my friend, Mr. William Lilly is the only living Rare Gold Certified Master Penman of the fine art of Engrossing from the historical Zanarian College of Penmanship. He is the Senior Counsel of The International Association of Master Penman-Engrossers-Teachers of Handwriting. I have also studied instruction by other Master Penmen in the art of Ornamental Spencerian Script. The Golden Age of Penmanship was between 1850 and 1925. Most of my instructions and textbooks derive back from that era of time. All scribing is done by nib dipped into ink - a tedious method that has been used for centuries. The same method is used today by patient and dedicated penmen. I earnestly continue in the ongoing education of the arts, illumination, and various script styles. I also have a legal, business administration, and document archival background.

Finally, I am able to express my passion in life, which are the arts and the fine art of calligraphy.

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Love and World Peace be With You~

Tina Marie Durante

The Art of Calligraphy has twice been killed stone dead by mechanical invention, and has twice found a new set of justifications. As an industry for the manual copying of texts, it was destroyed by the printing press. As an essential tool of commerce and finance and an evidence of gentility, it flourished for three centuries and was strangled by the typewriter. In its third and present lifetime, it stands with the fine arts, safe from any further techno-logical threat.

- The Times Literary Supplement, 1965