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Tony Harrell-Song Writer, Vocalist, and Musician

William A. Lilly-Gold Certified Master Penman Script Writer and Artist

Tony Harrell

Master Penman William Lilly

William Lilly, Master Script Writer-Master Penman is a graduate from the historical Zanerian College of Penmanship in Ohio. Mr. Lilly earned a rare "Gold Seal" in Engrosser's Script under the legendary Master Penman E.A. Lupfer. The Zanerian College closed its doors in the 1960's because of the computer age. Mr. Lilly is also a very talented silhouette artist and a very fine craftsman. He hand makes beautiful penholders.

William Lilly's Gold Certificate

William Lilly's Pen Holders

William Lilly's Silhouette Art

You may learn more about William Lilly and his products at

The art of ornamental script and beautiful penmanship is admired today as a fine art.

Some Examples of
Master Penman William Lilly's
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