Dearest Tina,

My mom and I wanted to personally thank you for your hard work and the integrity you apply to your work. We are more than pleased - in fact - thrilled with your work! You have a gift. Don't ever doubt it!
Thank you for working us into your busy schedule and for being so conscientious. In addition, thank you for the thoughtful gifts of the mirror and the fan! I adore them. We both look forward to an opportunity to work with you again.

Much Love!
God Bless,
Christen Tedrow and Eve Tedrow

Dear Tina,

My brides gallery of pictures project is finally completed and I must say that your calligraphy (Durante's Calligraphy Styles) brought a subtle elegance that otherwise could not have been achieved. It is now on display and I have received so many compliments on both the arrangement of the pictures and especially on your calligraphy.

Penny Gossner

Dear Tina,

I simply cannot thank you enough for helping to make Jennifer's wedding spectacular. The invitations were addressed perfectly and beautifully. We had so many comments on your exquisite calligraphy. I realize our invitations were not the usual as so many of our guests were from Europe or Canada but you managed to have them all addressed socially correct and within the time frame I requested. The table cards were elegant and just added the perfect touch. Joe and I are very grateful for all your hard work and while there may have been some areas that we might have tried to save money on your calligraphy work was never even considered-well worth every penney.

It was a wonderful experience to work with you, I sing your praises!

Margaret Toland


E-Mail: duranteoriginals@gmail.com

Phone: 619-414-7905

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 711943
Santee, California 92072

Located in San Diego County

Please contact me for a Price Quote

Common Colors that are readily available are:
Glossy Black

Common Flourishing (Accent) Colors are:

Additional Colors are available upon request.

Important Notes

I am very happy to be your personal Calligrapher. Your request will be a piece of art done by hand, so it is necessary to allow at least one month or more in advance notice for each assignment. Keep in mind that your invitations will set the stage for your special event. When ordering your invitations consider quality paper, it makes a difference with nib and ink, and pointed pen scribing. A good test to check the paper is with a very wet felt tip pen to see if the ink will bleed into the paper and if it may fall apart. A smooth paper is great for pointed pen scribing. Vellum, linen, William Arthur, Cranes are wonderful papers. Handmade papers are porous, fibrous, and rough. Its surface needs to be primed with a fixative spray before writing with nib and ink. Communication is very important between us, so that I can do exactly what you want. In this respect, I can customize your request and give it a personalized-one of a kind touch. A typed list (12 font or higher) of each name and title of every person (Mr. and Mrs., Ms, Miss, Dr., The Reverend etc.) exactly how you want the name to read is necessary. Use complete addresses, including the zip code. No abbreviations - please, spell out all words (Post Office Box, California, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Etc.). This is very important. A book of wedding etiquette such as Cranes Blue Book may be helpful. Regretfully, there would be a charge for misspelled names or titles, so please take the time and proofread material before submitting your list. Call me anytime if you have any questions. Please order at the very least 25% additional envelopes, since everything is scribed by hand using pen and ink, there needs to be room for human error. A variety of colors are available and may be special made or ordered ahead of time.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Fifty Percent non-refundable deposit is required.

Check, Money Order, Cash, and Pay Pal are accepted.

All Calligraphy and Art Work are personally done
By the Hand of Tina Durante

Using the Finest Inks and Nibs


"The Fine Art of Calligraphy Remains Beautiful Forever"

Samples on How To Write A List:

Keep in mind to use a font that is clear, large, and legible, with generous indents between each guest name(s).

Please, when in doubt, always ask. I will be more than happy to be of assistance.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smith
200 Cherry Blossom Court, Apartment 14
Washington, District of Columbia  08190

(Indent three spaces between names)

Mr. Alexander Smith
Ms. Mary Fisher
Post Office Box 7852
Arlington, Virginia  03425

Dr. and Mrs. Franklin Harrison
777 Sarasota Trunk Avenue
Huntington Beach, California  02134

Place card lists are usually in Alphabetical Order.
It is your discretion to use your guest's title.

Seating Charts may be in Table Order -OR- In Alphabetical Order, with the Table Number by their name. Layout and Design with Consultation.

This is an example of an extra long address, with a center layout:

Mr. and Mrs. Giuseppe Santogionvani
Master John Santogionvanni
200 Cherry Blossom Boulevard
The Towers, Apartment 142
Washington, District of Columbia

With this type of address it is ideal to use larger invitations with ample amount of room for the additional writing.