Personally Speaking

"I know a person that through their expressions in writing, drawing and singing, shares what is so dear to their heart-Love for their family and friends, and God's creation, the beauty of nature, and a deep love for God. This is all reflected in the art, music, writings and character of this person. As one opens their heart and believes in this person, my Tina, is you."

I was born and raised in a quiet Swiss Dairy suburb of San Diego, when it was small. A country town, with fruit trees, prickly pears, horses, chickens, and other pets. Second generation of Italian Immigrants. My mother taught me to be a good homemaker, how to bake & cook all the traditional family recipes, to love the arts and sing. My father taught me humor, responsibility, discipline, love, and respect for one another and country. Beautiful music on a reel-to-reel tape player, or records played most of the time on weekends while a home-made lasagna or some other wonderful Italian dish was baking in the oven. Lawrence Welk, Walt Disney, and Ed Sullivan, were the television highlights on the weekends.

I am a Virgo and I am finally with the True Love of My Life-Soul Mate Piscean husband.

I Love GOD, His Son Jesus Christ, His Family, and All of Nature. I Love All the Gentle Souls past and present that are advocates of Peace, Justice, Mercy, Humanity, Human Rights, and The Preservation of our Precious Earth.

I enjoy old classic movies, and tastefully made new ones, music, and the arts.

I promote the adoption of homeless creatures of God. Pure breeds are homeless too. Before buying, consider research into your favorite breed's rescue association.

I promote Fire Safety; my heart goes out to all burn victims and to their families, and caretakers. My father and nephew were burn victims-both have fully recovered from their burn injuries.

I promote Over-All-Health by good nutrition, environment, rest, light exercise, & spirituality.

Some of my favorite spiritual books: